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AGA City 60 · 2 Öfen/1Platte · traditionelles Design · Pistachio AUSSTELLUNGSMODELL


Ausstellungsmodell, zur Selbstabholung in 45219 Essen, Lieferung nur nach Rücksprache

• nur 60 cm breit
• zwei Öfen
• der obere Ofen kann auf Back- und Schmorfunktion eingestellt werden
• der untere Ofen ist ein Niedertemperaturofen
• die Herdplatte kann auf Koch- oder Siedemodus eingestellt werden
• im Koch-Modus kann die umliegende Eisenplatte als Schmorfläche mitbenutzt werden
• im Simmer-Modus kann die äußere Fläche als Wärmeplatte mitbenutzt werden, z. B. um Schokolade oder Butter zu schmelzen
• einzigartig und handlich ist die aus zwei halbmondförmigen Teilen bestehende Gusseisenplatte um die Kochplatte herum einfach zu entfernen und im Geschirrspüler zu reinigen
• die Öfen brauchen 40–60 Minuten zum Vorwärmen und die Kochplatte benötigt acht bis elf Minuten
• im geliebten, traditionellen AGA-Design und in der Farbe „Pistachio“

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Sonderpreis: 6.500,00 €

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AGA City 60 · 2 Öfen/1Platte · traditionelles Design · Pistachio AUSSTELLUNGSMODELL

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Mehr Ansichten

  • Nur 60cm breit
  • Zwei Öfen
  • Der obere Ofen kann auf Back- und Schmorfunktion eingestellt werden. 
  • Der untere Ofen ist ein Niedertemperaturofen
  • Die Herdplatte kann auf Koch- oder Siedemodus eingestellt werden.
  • When in boiling mode, the surrounding top plate can be used as an additional area for simmering
  • When the hotplate is in simmering mode, this outer area can be used as a warming plate, for example to melt chocolate or soften butter
  • Uniquely and usefully, the top plate is made up of two cast-iron half-moon pieces, which can be removed and put in the dishwasher
  • The ovens will take 40 minutes to an hour to heat up and the hotplate eight to 11 minutes
  • Available in two design styles – traditional and contemporary and in 14 beautfiul colours, including the new Rose and Lemon
  • All new AGA heat-storage range cookers come with a five-year parts and one-year labour warranty

The Traditional Design StyleTraditional

  • Traditional dome lid
  • Handrail
  • AGA badge
  • Mounted on wheels for ease of installation

The AGA City60 couldn't be easier to use. With one control knob for the hotplates and another for the ovens, the cooker has been designed with simplicity in mind. The AGA City60's roasting/baking oven can be programmed and can have up to three events programmed per day. They operate using a timer similar to that used for controlling a central heating programmer. This means the ovens can be timed to come on and ready to cook when you are.

How the hotplates work

Pans Choc Revised LargeThe hotplate operates using a powerful heating element and can be set to either boiling or simmering mode. Around the outside of the actual hotplate is a further useable cooking area. This area can be used to simmer on when the hotplate is set to boil, and as a warming plate when the hotplate is in simmering mode. When set to boiling mode the hotplate reaches temperature in around 11 minutes from cold, while the simmering mode reaches temperature in around 8 minutes.

Hotplate settings:

  • Off
  • Simmer
  • Boil

How the ovens work:

Roasting Oven 07 866X428  Using the control knob on the far left of the top plate, the top oven can be set to roasting, baking or the off setting. The roasting and baking settings can be  achieved from cold  in around 40 minutes (best performance 1 hour). From the baking setting, the oven can be switched up to full heat for roasting in again,  around 40 minutes. The lower simmering oven can also be up to full temperature in around 40 minutes. The baking setting will provide a 'warm to touch'  feel.

Oven settings:

  • Off
  • Roast
  • Roast & Simmer
  • Simmer
  • Bake & Simmer
  • Bake

"On when you need it, off when you don't"

Since the launch of the AGA Total Control in 2011, there have been electric AGA cookers that can be 'on when you need them and off when you don't'. The AGA City60 is the latest addition to the collection of new-generation AGA cookers. The technology used means you are only using energy when you need it, while also enjoying all the benefits of radiant heat cooking.

As the AGA City60's hotplates and ovens can be turned off by the control knob you are reducing the amount of energy used, providing further potential energy savings. 

Energy Consumption Test

Rigorous testing of the AGA City60 has been undertaken to assess the energy consumption under different conditions of use. The test is based on the same standard menu used for the AGA Total Control and AGA Dual Control to measure energy consumption. Below is a table, which represents one week of typical usage. The findings from this testing are approximate and will depend on ambient conditions, mains voltage supply and variability in manufacturing assembly.

  Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Monday * * Left over roast meat, jacket potatoes and vegetables
Tuesday * * Chicken enchilades 
Wednesday * * Homemade pizza and oven chips
Thursday * * Pasta with chicken sauce
Friday * * Shepherd's pie and vegetables
Saturday Cooked breakfast, kettle Soup and bread, kettle Curry, rice and Naan Bread
Sunday Croissants, kettle

Roast beef, roast potatoes, Yorkshire pudding, vegetables. Apple pie and custard

Cheese on toast, kettle

The energy consumed over one week for this test was around 35kW. Clearly there are even greater savings to be made if only the top plates are used (during warmer periods of the year for example) with the ovens turned off.

NB – The AGA City60 requires a 32amp connection.

  • Dimensionen (ausgepackt)
    • Höhe 910mm
    • Weite 600mm
    • Tiefe (ohne Handlsuf) 623mm
  • Gewicht (ausgepackt) 223Kg
  • Betriebsart Electric
  • Herd Details
    • Betriebsart In room venting flue - electric
    • Kochplatte Ja
    • Schmorplatte Ja
    • Anzahl der Öfen 2


Lieferzeit Ausstellungsmodell, zur Selbstabholung in 45219 Essen, Lieferung nur nach Rücksprache


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